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SAT & ACT English

Welcome to official online platform of Dr. Aya Kandeel, specialized in SAT/ ACT English and reading in the Middle East.

About Us

We, Score Academy, guarantee top scores through our own teaching videos, notes, books, recorded and revision sessions. Quizes, exams and assignments are held frequently to ensure the knowledge of the students. Around 200 classes in total help our undergraduates to advance from level to level.

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Dr. Aya Kandeel

Graduation Ceremony


A full SAT program that includes three levels beginners,intermediate and advanced. In addition, to the workout plan that combines practicing writing and reading with specific techniques. This course by Dr. Aya Kandeel will guarantee you efficiency and effectiveness in your SATs.


Our ACT course by Dr. Aya Kandeel includes five different parts, which starts with a beginners part. This course delivers professional tools in English and reading that provides excellence.

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